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Oval Embossed Copper Plated Tub

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The Embossed Oval Tubs feature a vintage design that makes them perfect for a variety of decorative and functional purposes. They have a scalloped oval design and relief pattern of flowers and leaves. Made from galvanized steel, these tubs make great ice buckets for parties. Galvanized steel has a protective zinc coating that prevents rusting, so you can fill the tubs with ice and water without worrying about corrosion. Each tub also features water-sealed seams to prevent leaking. Two folding handles on the side of the oval tub make it easy to carry drinks or other items out into the yard for an outdoor party. This design also makes a great decorative steel garden tub. The tubs are great for planting vegetables like tomatoes. For direct planting, we recommend drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the tub. Our embossed steel tubs also make great additions to any patio. Use them as planters for your favorite flowers, and place them on Achla Designs’ Folding Floor or Tabletop Stands. Since these tubs are made from galvanized steel, you can be confident that they will last a long time without rusting, even when used outdoors. You can also use the galvanized steel tubs for holding firewood during the winter. Achla Designs’ embossed steel tubs are available in two classic finishes: choose from classic galvanized steel or copper-plated galvanized steel. The galvanized steel exhibits a traditional spangle that is characteristic of galvanized metals, while the copper-plated finish exhibits a smoother, more consistent sheen. These tubs measure about 20 inches (length) by 13 inches (width), with a height of about 6.5 inches. Because these tubs are handmade, the exact dimensions may vary slightly. All products have a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.