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Telescoping Bird Feeder Pole |12' Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole w/Ground Socket from Birds Choice

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Heavy duty telescoping pole designed for purple martin houses but can be used for all types of bird feeders and bird house.

  • Made with heavy duty 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing
  • Fully extends to 12.5 ft.
  • Hardware included: 2 safety bolts to lock system, 1 base plate bolt, 3 nylon lock nuts, 2 t-nuts, 2 thumb screws, 1 ground sleeve stop bolt & nut
  • Comes with a 24" ground sleeve that needs to be cemented in the ground
  • Base section is 2.197" diameter

A telescoping bird feeder pole is a type of pole that can be adjusted to different lengths, allowing you to easily adjust the height of your bird feeder as needed. These poles are often made of sturdy materials such as metal or fiberglass, and they may have a mounting base that can be staked into the ground or attached to a deck or patio. 

One advantage of using a telescoping bird feeder pole is that it allows you to adjust the height of your bird feeder to different levels. This can be useful if you want to attract a variety of bird species, as different species may prefer to feed at different heights. Telescoping bird feeder poles can also be helpful if you want to keep your bird feeder out of reach of squirrels or other pests, as you can raise the feeder to a height that is more difficult for them to access.