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Naturesroom Birds Choice Butterfly Feeder Kit (Feeder with Nectar)

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tract a variety of butterflies with the Flutterby.

Is a 12 oz. capacity feeder and fruit trays. Built in moat with high-impact polycarbonate construction.

There are several ways to attract butterflies. First, color is important, since they react to strong ultra-violet reflections. Next, they take the nectar from flowers, therefore, a nectar solution attracts. It is known that overripe fruit attracts some species of butterflies; therefore, space is provided in which to place fruit. The Flutterby Butterfly Feeder is the perfect compliment to the backyard or garden of any nature enthusiast. This unique feeder offers two ways in which to attract butterflies: nectar and fruit trays make this one of the best feeders on the market.

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden


  1. Growing native plants in your garden will support pollinators like butterflies and other local fauna that have evolved with the local flora.
  2. Keep the sun in mind. Even if you have just a small patch of land or a balcony, if it gets good sun, you could help support butterflies. There’s a reason we often associate butterflies with gorgeous sunny days; they typically only feed in full sun.
  3. Plant the right colors. Butterflies like bright colors. Think red, yellow, orange, pink and purple and make sure the blossoms are flat-topped or have short flowering tubes.
  4. Using these tips should help you in attracting more butterflies but remember this is nature and it's not an exact science. Be patient it will be worth it when these beautiful creatures arrive at your feeder.