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Private Preserve Wine Preserver

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Private Preserve saves wine and ither beverages using a custom blend of pure nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and argon (Ar), the inert and HARMLESS gases in our atmosphere used to produce and bottle wine
Removes all the oxygen from an open bottle allowing wine to maintain its bouquet
Number One Rated Wine Preserver Worldwide!
120 plus full uses! . Protect the freshness and flavor of: Wine; Port; Sherry; Cognac; Scotch; Bourbon; Tequila and Sake, as well as Olive Oils, etc., Herbs and Spices, fine Vinegars, etc. For days, weeks, months and years! Private Preserve blankets the wine's surface, in bottle or decanter, and will not strip out bouquet (volatile esters).
Full can feels empty. Can is empty when can stops hissing.
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